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Scrub: SugarSalt


Scrub: SugarSalt

4 oz/vol

Deep Scrub

This is the perfect foot & hand scrub. It has a great blend of ingredients for exfoliating those much-needed areas.

Use while in the shower or bath. Pour a small amount of Scrub into your hand, add a few drops of soap or oil. Gently massage the scrub in circles.

You can also scrub over a foot bath. Add a little more of the mix to your warm water and soak away! 

For Less Scrub: use water instead of oil or soap. We recommended using water if you are going to use this scrub all over your body (be gentle when using it on sensitive areas). 

Use no more than one to two times a week!

How do our ingredients work:

  • Epsom Salt- exfoliation, soothing 
  • Mineral Salt- moisture retention, oil reduction, reduce irritation, acne reduction
  • Coarse Himalayan Salt- deep exfoliation, moisture retention, oil reduction, reduce irritation, acne reduction 
  • Raw Sugar- hydration, promote the generation of new cells, exfoliation
  • Poppy Seed- exfoliation
  • Baking Soda- soothing, anti-bacterial, acne reduction, pore reduction, oil reduction, micro-exfoliation

Do Not store in direct sunlight. Discontinue use if irritation occurs. Not suitable for use on children under the age of 1. For external use only.