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Bath: Herbal


Bath: Herbal

4 oz/vol

Love a long hot relaxing evening in the tub? 

Try adding our Herbal mix to your routine! Our blend is not only beautiful to look at, it packs a powerful punch of hydrating, soothing, toning, and repairing goodies. 

Shake well before each use to mix any ingredients that may have settled to the bottom. Add a little bit or a lot. Try the reusable herb bag if you want the same benefits without the cleanup. Just rinse it out when you finish and let it air dry.

Use as often as you would like!

How do our ingredients work:

  • Lavender- soothing, detoxifying, oil reduction, dark spots, skin repair, anti-bacterial
  • Green Tea- antioxidant, soothing, skin, repair, dark spots, anti-bacterial, hydration, acne reduction 
  • Yarrow- Hydrating, pore/ blackhead reduction, oil reduction, soothing, dark spots
  • Calendula- soothing, boost collagen, antioxidant for skin repair 
  • Jasmine- antioxidant, skin repair, toning, pore reduction, blackheads reduction, hydration
  • Hibiscus- hydration, soothing, cleansing, pore reduction, improve elasticity, dark spot, Vitamin C
  • Hawthorne- toning, dark spots, antioxidant, skin repair, soothing
  • Cinnamon Chips- antioxidant, skin repair, soothing, anti-bacterial, acne reduction, increase elasticity
  • Cornflower- toning, skin repair, soothing, dark spots, acne reduction

Do Not store in direct sunlight. This item may stain cloth. Add a drain cover to prevent clogs. Discontinue use if irritation occurs. Not suitable for use on children under the age of 1. Not for pregnant mothers.  For external use only.