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2 oz/vol

Our Serum is the best thing since sliced bread and we aren't just saying that! We combined all of the best ingredients into one easy-to-use bottle of infused skin serum. You can literally use it from HEAD to TOE!

Use directly after cleansing to lock in moisture. 

Use as often as you would like!

How do our ingredients work:

  • Lavender- soothing, detoxifying, oil reduction, dark spots, skin repair, anti-bacterial
  • Green Tea- antioxidant, soothing, skin, repair, dark spots, anti-bacterial, hydration, acne reduction 
  • Sage- antioxidant, skin repair, oil reduction, acne reduction
  • Rosehips- hydration, soothing, antioxidants, dark spots, skin repair
  • Jojoba Oil- hydration, anti-bacterial, antioxidant, skin repair, oil reduction
  • Argan Oil- hydration, anti-bacterial, antioxidant, skin repair,
  • Coconut Oil- hydration, protective, antioxidant, skin repair, soothing, anti-bacterial, acne reduction, oil reduction
  • Grapeseed Oil- hydration, anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, antioxidant, skin repair, Vitamin E, acne reduction, improve elasticity, dark spots

Do Not store in direct sunlight. Discontinue use if irritation occurs. Not suitable for use on children under the age of 1. For external use only.