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It's Melting

When it's just too DANG HOT!!!

If you are Team Summer you have been waiting way too long for the warmer weather. Who doesn't love a good relaxing summer's day by the pool with a cold glass of a refreshing beverage! Unfortunately the beautiful weather combined with long distances and hot shipping truck melts some of our all natural quicker than the wicked witch in a rain storm lol

We want you to make sure you are aware that all of our products are Natural and do not have chemical stabilizers. On average most delivery trucks reach temperatures of over 100 degrees during the warmer months. No worries, the ingredients still work the same after being melted!

The best way to get the texture and mix you are use to is to:

1. pour the mix into a bowl on the counter.
2. use a hand mixer and stir the melted mixture once every 5 mins until it has cooled down and solidified. (if you do not have a hand mixer use a fork or a whisk to mix the product)
3. cooling times will vary on how melted the product is when you receive it and how cool the room is that you are in once you start to blend the product in a bowl.
*SN: We will be shipping your products frozen. You may see some effects on the labels and packaging as the condensation forms while the products heat up during the travel.

If you have any questions while completing this process give us a call at (317)983-3789! Also send us pics and feed back on the process so that we can make adjustments as needed. It is our first year shipping through the hot summer months and we want to make the process as user friendly as possible.

Thanks so much from your team at Black Amethyst!!!